Midea Cube Dehumidifier Review: Efficient and Smart

So, I stumbled upon the Midea Cube Dehumidifier and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer.

As someone who has battled with excessive humidity, finding a reliable and efficient solution has been quite the adventure. But this little device caught my attention, and boy, am I glad it did.

With its impressive features and smart control capabilities, the Midea Cube Dehumidifier promises to be the answer to all your humidity woes.

But before I give away all the details, let's just say that this review will leave you wanting more.

Key Takeaways

  • The Midea Cube 20 Pint Dehumidifier is suitable for basements and rooms up to 1,500 sq. ft.
  • It has a 3X larger water tank for longer operation and a continuous drain option for flexibility.
  • The dehumidifier offers smart control through Wi-Fi and an app, allowing users to adjust settings remotely.
  • It features innovative functions such as auto restart and auto defrost, making it convenient and efficient to use.

Product Features and Specifications

The Midea Cube 20 Pint Dehumidifier offers a range of impressive features and specifications that make it a highly efficient and versatile option for controlling humidity in various spaces.

When compared to other dehumidifiers, the Midea Cube stands out in terms of performance. With its 20-pint dehumidification capacity and 150 cubic feet per minute air flow capacity, it effectively removes moisture from rooms up to 1,500 square feet.

Not only does it perform well, but it also prioritizes energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings for the user. As an Energy Star Most Efficient 2023 product, it consumes only 214 watts of power.

This combination of performance and energy efficiency makes the Midea Cube a top choice for those seeking optimal humidity control without breaking the bank.

Detailed Features

Moving on to the detailed features of the Midea Cube 20 Pint Dehumidifier, let's explore the functionality and design elements that set it apart from other options on the market.

One standout feature is the Wi-Fi control, which allows you to conveniently monitor and adjust the dehumidifier settings from anywhere using the Midea app on your smartphone. This feature offers flexibility and convenience, especially for those who are always on the go.

Another notable feature is the extended water tank capacity. With a 3X larger tank compared to other models, the Midea Cube allows for longer operation without the need for frequent emptying. This is particularly beneficial for those living in high humidity areas or for larger spaces that require continuous dehumidification.

The combination of Wi-Fi control and extended water tank capacity makes the Midea Cube 20 Pint Dehumidifier a smart and efficient choice for effectively managing humidity levels in your home.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the pros, the Midea Cube dehumidifier offers impressive effectiveness and performance. It efficiently removes up to 20 pints of water per day, effectively controlling humidity levels in basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, and crawlspaces.

The compact design makes it easy to move around, and the app control and voice command compatibility provide convenience. The option for continuous draining and the auto restart function for power outages are also notable benefits.

However, there are a few potential cons to consider. Some customers have suggested adding caster wheels and a retractable power cord for improved mobility and convenience.

Concluding Thoughts

After examining the advantages and disadvantages of the Midea Cube 20 Pint Dehumidifier, it's clear that this compact and efficient dehumidifier offers impressive performance and features.

With its Energy Star Most Efficient 2023 certification, it ensures energy efficiency while effectively controlling humidity levels in basements, bathrooms, bedrooms, and crawlspaces.

The user-friendly controls, including the smart control through Wi-Fi and app, make it convenient to operate and adjust settings.

The option for continuous draining and the auto restart function for power outages add to its convenience and ease of use.

Additionally, the Midea Cube Dehumidifier's innovative features, such as the auto defrost function and the lift and twist design for storage and extended capacity, contribute to its overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the Manufacturer's Warranty for the Midea Cube Dehumidifier?

The manufacturer's warranty for the Midea Cube dehumidifier is (not mentioned). As for maintenance tips, cleaning the dehumidifier regularly and following the care instructions provided will help ensure its optimal performance and longevity.

Can the Midea Cube Dehumidifier Be Used in Commercial Spaces?

Yes, the Midea Cube Dehumidifier can be used in commercial spaces like large offices. Its efficient performance and control over humidity levels make it beneficial in commercial settings by preventing mold growth and maintaining a comfortable environment.

Is the Midea Cube Dehumidifier Compatible With Other Smart Home Systems Like Amazon Alexa?

Yes, the Midea Cube dehumidifier is compatible with other smart home systems like Amazon Alexa. It offers smart control through Wi-Fi and an app, allowing you to easily adjust settings and monitor humidity levels from anywhere.

How Often Does the Water Tank of the Midea Cube Dehumidifier Need to Be Emptied?

The water tank of the Midea Cube dehumidifier needs to be emptied every 20 pints of water removed, depending on the humidity levels. It is energy efficient and helps maintain a comfortable environment.

Does the Midea Cube Dehumidifier Come With a Filter, and if So, How Often Does It Need to Be Replaced?

Yes, the Midea Cube Dehumidifier does come with a filter. It is recommended to replace the filter every 3-6 months, depending on usage. Regularly replacing the filter ensures optimal performance and helps maintain clean and healthy air in your space.


In conclusion, the Midea Cube Dehumidifier is truly a game-changer for anyone dealing with excessive humidity in their home. Its impressive features, such as the 3X larger water tank and adjustable humidity levels, ensure optimal comfort.

However, what truly sets this dehumidifier apart is its smart control capabilities, allowing for convenient and flexible operation from anywhere.

With this innovative appliance, you'll not only have a reliable and efficient solution, but also a modern and convenient one.

It's a breath of fresh air for any home.

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